lenejensen (lenejensen) wrote,

Verdi's Requiem

I have just finished our final concert of Verdi's Requiem. It's a wonderful piece, and we sang it twice. We joined up with three other choruses (Alexandria Choral Society, The Metropolitan Chorus. Heritage Signature Chorale and us, NOVA Community Chorus) and Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, a professional band, as well as four professional soloists, Jan Cornelius, soprano, Stacey Rishoi, mezzo, Scott Six, tenor and Gustav Andreassen, bass-baritone (he's third generation Norwegian, that's pretty cool). We sang our hearts out, and we were good, really, really good. I spoke briefly with the conductor after the concert and he was in 7th heaven. I also spoke to a couple of the soloists who also thought we were good. They were awesome! I am slowly coming down from this high, I cannot wait for the recording!
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