lenejensen (lenejensen) wrote,

The disaster in Japan

First, an earth quake. Then a tsunami. Then a nuclear disaster. And finally, hatred from the United States of America. Well, let me qualify this: a large number of Americans. I have been shocked to read blogs and chat rooms in the last few days. Racism is ripe in the Americas, and the target is the Japanese people. In the last couple of days, I've heard how Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a good thing. How the internment of the American Japanese population was justified. It's amazing how many believe this is well deserved. That it's Karma and wrath of God.

I am scared to read this. It doesn't seem right that intelligent people are dragging up things that happened 60-70 years and claiming that THIS is the punishment. That Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn't enough to "pay the price" for the 2350 American who died at Pearl Harbour. No, 150.000-250.000 wasn't worth the 2350 American lives that were lost. I am not saying it wasn't necessary, I am not saying it was. What I am saying is that it's almost 70 years since this happened. We have since reconciled with Japan, they are an allied. For those of us who have been in Japan, we've seen a people who are shy to some degree, very elegant, very western in some aspects. They are still a society that put honour very high, higher than us westerners understand, but there is nothing in modern Japan that is remotely similar to what Japan was 70 years ago. So why this hatred? I cannot think of anything but pure racism. And it seems OK to be open about it! Now, when there is a disaster happening, now, that our ally need our help.

Talking about help, I am very proud to live in a county with a special rescue force that travels the world to help. These are volunteer men and women who are experts in helping in crisis. They went to Katrina, to Haiti and now to Japan. I am also honoured to work for a company that has made it possible for us, its employees to double our donations. For every dollar we donate (up to $250 a year), the company matches it dollar for dollar. In addition, we have given a lump sum of money, and of course, we have several employees in Japan. I am worried for them, although I know they are safe. At least for now. To all my friends and colleagues in Japan, you're in my thoughts, and I hope nothing more bad happens.
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