lenejensen (lenejensen) wrote,

Stolen credit card number

Today, midday, I get a phone call from a number I didn't recognise. I normally don't pick up, but for some reason I did. Turns out it was my bank asking if I had made a $1500 purchase from Spain. I could deny that I was in Spain spending money not in my account (I put most of my money in my savings for just such cases), so they cancelled my card then and there. Unfortunately, the cleaners were here, vacuuming, so there was a lot of noise, so I didn't feel like asking a lot of questions. Anyway, this is the first time it's happened to me, and I am not out any money. I am glad my bank for was looking out for me, and making sure I didn't lose anything. Of course this is inconvenient, I had to call a few creditors that used the card on recurring payments and tell them they won't see any money, or get a different payment option. But worst: this is the first number I've actually managed to remember. I haven't had it for more than 8 months, even. Oh, well. I can live without the card for a few days...
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