lenejensen (lenejensen) wrote,

First day back

I took the entire Easter week off to relax, do stuff here at home, watch crime shows on DVD, read crime novels, and all the other things Norwegians do during Easter (except eating marzipan, I didn't do that. Or sugar cube in an orange and Kvikklunsj). It was a nice and relaxing vacation, with time for walks outside with the kitty (yes, on a leash) and enjoying the good weather we had in between the rain. And then on Saturday, Gustav, a friend from Norway dropped buy for the weekend. It was GREAT! We ate and drank and had a very good time, in general. Princess wasn't quite sure what to believe about him, curious and afraid at the same time.

And I have gotten my new computer up! My desktop is slow as molasses, I can often write entire sentences before it shows (like this one). Wait time for commands aren't that bad, but anything graphical can often take several seconds to respond. So I've got a new machine with an i5 processor and 8G memory, that should do for a while. I called it BORGQUEEN, because it had Windows on it. Guess what I am installing now? ;)
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