lenejensen (lenejensen) wrote,

End of holiday

Today was my last day of my holiday. I have had a great time, but I always wish I had more time off! There are times I wish I was a trophy wife who didn't need to work ;) Yeah, that's realistic. Besides, I _do_ actually love my job.

I went to Las Vegas (no! Really?), and had a great time. I came late on Friday, so I didn't end up in the bar until around 01:00 (that's 1AM for you Americans). I didn't drink that much, but ended up leaving at 6AM. I was tired, so I fell asleep like a log even if I was in a smoking room. At 10:00, I called down and got advice that my non-smoking room was ready, so I went downstairs and got the key. I got into the new room, which had a view north on the strip, a separate dressing room and a veranda. A bit too much traffic outside to be outside though.

Anyway, Saturday was a busy day. I had a quick egg salad sandwich, then fell asleep for a couple of more hours. I was feeling off, felt like I had a fever, and I was flushed and had a rash. I then gambled a little bit, then I got on my new long, pink dress with sequence and went down to the bar. I spent a bit too much time there (18:00-02:00), and well... I think I consumed a bit too much alcohol.

Waking up on Sunday was decidedly unpleasant. I didn't leave the room during the day, but around 18-ish I put on my black knee-short dress with sequence and a red bolero, and headed down to get some pizza. I also had a Napoleon cake. An elderly lady sat next to me, and looked lost. I helped her find utensils and water, and told her when her food was ready. She was sweet :)

At the bar, Joshua, "my" bartender, was unhappy I was sick. He chastised me about drinking, and cut me off before midnight. Glenn, one of the other bartenders snuck me a drink, and when Joshua discovered that, it made me laugh out loud. It was so cute! Anyway, I didn't drink much, and the fun part was talking to this woman, Sharon, I just met.

I meet a lot of people in Las Vegas. It's always fun. I met a couple from Arizona, and her twin brother with wife. I flirted wildly with the brother, but hey, at least I ask permission from the wife first! ;) I met a couple of other people as well, and even a family from Norway! It was fun talking Norwegian, but it was a bit weird to start out. I usually mix a few English words in in the beginning!

On Monday I went up to the top of Stratosphere. It's the big tower often seen on CSI. It's quite pretty up there, but the hotel and casino itself is very old and tired. I don't think I will go there again. I will definitely not stay there. Later in the day I went to a Brazilian restaurant at Planet Hollywood called Pampas. I had a coupon (paid $25 for a $50 meal), so I had to spend it. I was NOT impressed with the meal. The meat was dry and hard to cut, not tender at all. The salmon undercooked, the tuna too spicy, the shrimp cold and the scallops where good, but small. Only thing I liked where one of the two pieces of fried banana, and the smoked salmon. Oh, and the fried pineapple. Don't ask what I did after... Oh, and Joshua had to go to LA for a quick trip to see his mother, and I spent a lot of time talking to one of the other bartenders, Cary, instead. I like Cary, he's funny.

On Tuesday I decided to rent a cabana by the pool. Best. Decision. Ever! The sun is really strong in LV, and I burn easily, so being in shadow, yet still have the option of getting some sun, and bathe. I used SPF of 100, and still got burned in places. Not badly, thank God! The cabana comes with a bottle of alcohol. Yes, a bottle. I got a vodka (Absolute). I had some, I am not stupid, but by and large, it was untouched. In the cabana next door there were 4 girls, and I asked them if they wanted it. They looked like party-girls, and were very happy about the gift :) At least it won't be wasted!

I went to the bar again, and talked to strangers again. I said goodbye to Joshua and gave him a toy dog to give to his handicapped granddaughter, which he really appreciated. I stayed at the bar until Nikki and Cesar came on duty, then I went back to bed. I slept like a log until 09:00, when I woke in a panic: I hadn't packed yet. I just barely got everything packed ;)

Anyway, it was a nice trip. I gambled less than expected, and were down $250 overall, which I actually think is OK. I won in Video poker, I think I may be good at that with some more practice. I mainly lost on slots, basically because I wanted to lose so I could get off and do something else ;) I know, terrible reason to want to fail ;) At least I racked up points for comps! I am thinking about going back in August. I'll give myself CP work and work while I am there. I actually think that might be better for me drinking wise ;)
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