lenejensen (lenejensen) wrote,

On Wednesday, I went to the Norwegian Embassy for a memorial after the attacks on my beautiful country on the 22nd. It's an unbelievable attack that is just so beyond anything a normal person can imagine. Why? I keep coming back to that. Why? I know there is no logical answer, an illogical mad man did it out of some imaginary truth only he understands.

It was good to be with my fellow Norwegians. We gathered outside, mostly elderly people, some children, and there were a few adults. American police officers were gathered outside to make sure we were safe. We were let in, and gathered upstairs at the Ambassador's home. Several protocols where there for us to sign, and it was good being able to put down my thoughts and love for everyone, knowing it would be gathered with the Norwegian protocols as well. It was a solemn group of people, who gathered and heard music and letters from the President Barak Obama, Biden, and both their wives, from officials in the US and elsewhere. We heard from every day Americans, and how they grieve with us. We sang "Til ungdommen", and tears were flowing. There were a lot of us that couldn't help but cry. We had a minute's silence, and we prayed. I prayed for my friend, Tore, who was on Utøya during the shooting, as well as for the other survivors and all the wounded, dead and their families. It was really good to be there.

I put down flowers outside the embassy as well. As it would happen, a sticker on my roses said "Freedom". How appropriate. I was not the only one. While I was standing outside with a fellow Norwegian, a young man who left Norway on Thursday for an extended holiday, an American couple came over with their young daughter, and put down flowers. It was so touching, and we thanked them for it. The man had tears in his eyes when he shook our hands.

For us being so far away, it was good to gather. I will also go to the memorial service on the 6th in Bethesda. It will be in Norwegian, by the priest at the Seamen's Church in New Your City. I am not the one to go to church very often, as I haven't felt at home at church here. But this will be a Norwegian service, so it will be different, it will be ours.

I took a picture from the steps at the embassy:
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